Save Time And Cost With IVR Solutions

Matrix cubes specializes in offering an array of IVR solutions to help both small firms and big organization to save lot of time and costs. We fully understand that as a firm, our clients have to put in much time and effort to answer every phone call and each phone call does not deserve such kind of attention. With our intelligent routing, we ensure that the calls are first filtered and routed to that specific person, to save a lot of time. When you avail our IVR solutions, you have the advantage of making your business partners and customers feel important. We have developed the IVVR or USSD systems in such a way that it can make even a small start up project a bigger image. In addition you will love our IVR system for its work flow ability, affordability and simplicity.

Why prefer our IVR/ IVVR/ USSD solutions?

We have immense pride in stating that many companies trust Matrix Cubes IVR solutions to tackle their business calls and enhance their contact center processes. With our hosted IVR platform, you can enjoy the following features.

100% uptime:

Be it a small network or a huge server, each component in our IVR infrastructure is bestowed with a backup. We have our platform tested with thousands of call since our inception. Our fanatical attention on this service eliminates all failure points while maintaining the stability of IVR platforms. Hence we assure you a non-stop service as we offer services with 100% uptime.

High level of security:

Our IVR system secures and protects your firm from all kinds of social, physical and digital intruders.

Virtual extension:

Our user friendly web based IVR interface lets you configure extensions of any phone number. This would help you stay connected with your team even if they are on the move.