Mobile SIP/VOIP Solutions


Stay Connected With Mobile SIP/VOIP Solutions Even On The Go!

Matrix Cubes offers high end Mobile SIP/VOIP Solutions that allows you to make audio calls, video calls, send messages or chat with your business contacts and customers through the PCs and mobile phones. You need not miss your phone service wherever you move. We specialize in offering VOIP solutions for smartphones and computers that allows you to stay in touch with all important contacts even if you are not near your work space. In short we help your smartphone to become the extension of your office number while enabling the display of the caller ID of your business while you make or attend calls. In addition, we offer you surplus features such as call extension and extension dialing.

Why prefer Mobile SIP/VOIP Solutions from Matrix Cubes?

We help you make calls to your business contacts placed at any corner of the globe through our Mobile SIP/VOIP Solutions which is a cost effective solutions as you need not shell out your hard earned money on international calls. Matrix Cubes offers an easy to use SIP or VOIP solution that lets you enjoy the freedom to place and get calls while you are travelling from any part of the globe. With a high performing internet, Wi-Fi or 3G connection, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Save your mobile talk time while making or receiving calls.
  • Have your company ID displayed in all outbound calls while maintaining your mobile number private.
  • Receive and place calls over Wi-Fi or 3 G network.
  • Enjoy call extension and extension dialing.