Sell And Record Easily With POS Software


Efficient collection center:

  • Choose items by performing an online search or scan based on attributes such as price,brand etc.
  • Price selection for multiple products
  • Barcode support
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Auto resolution plus applications testing of promotions
  • Resolution for multiple resolutions
  • Tests or checks for availability of inventory
  • Credit sales
  • Redemption of gift vouchers during sales real time
  • Customized order
  • Control over discount rates in percentage and in amount
  • Deposits and refunds
  • Delivery slips issue while picking and billing
  • Check the stock of goods at other stores
  • Tag, add or search best customers to offer redemptions
  • Retain details about customer
  • Settlement at the end of the day using specific parameters

Multiple payment methods

We facilitate you to accept payments via various modes such as cash, credit cards or checks at the end of every transaction.

Print receipts of different sizes

Custom design your receipts and print on usual paper or on receipt paper rolls