Enhance Productivity With Staff Management Software


  • Note the check in time of the staff and check out time to calculate the working hours.
  • Help you know how your team is working.
  • Develop a work environment that is flexible.
  • Get reports on each employee separately to learn about their performance.

With so many features studded in our useful software for staff management, many firms that have professionals and freelancers on their team are delighted to incorporate it in their system.

Monitor staff attendance and work hours

Our software monitors the attendance time of an employee by tracking it automatically. It also works for both in house employees and freelancers associated with your firm.

Flexible office environment

Track and monitor hours of work by each staff even from any other location. This way, we help you how many staffs are working full time and how many hours are they setting aside for breaks and stuff.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

We help you know which task is time consuming, which would enable you to simplify it for promoting the production levels, as you know how many hours are spent on a project.