Virtual Phone Systems Helps You Answer Your Calls On The Go!


How virtual phone system helps your business?

Our virtual phone system helps your business to have a tone and function well like a huge and established setup without the need to acquire a complex system with an expensive tag. It also creates a flexible work schedule for you, as there is no need for you or your employees to be at the desks to attend the calls. This makes it easy for your team of professionals who are on the move and for work at home employees to connect with the clients or customers easily. It also has an array of features like custom personal greetings, conference calls, voice mail alerts through email and text messages, that assures you of never missed calls and opportunities.

Stunning features of Virtual phone systems

Auto attendant:

When calls reach our virtual phone system, the auto attendant greets the caller, introduces about your business and requests callers to dial the extension number.

Call forward:

When the caller dials the extension on our virtual phone system, it forwards the call to a list of phone numbers of your preference.

Call routing:

Set the rules for call forwarding on your own on virtual phone system for basic rotation calls, simultaneous ring and end weighting.

Voicemail service:

The virtual phone system arrives with numerous voicemail boxes which is useful for personal extensions or for sharing within a department.